Who is the Purusha(in Vedas/Purusha Suktam)?

13:10-13:15 says that Lord Shiva is the Purusha.

Are there any contrasting verses?How do Vaishnavas interpret this?


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ह्रीश्च ते लक्ष्मीश्च पत्न्यौ, अहोरात्रे पार्श्वे नक्षत्रणि रूपं । अश्विनौ व्यात्तम्, इष्तं मनिषाण अमुं मनिषाण​ सर्वं मनिषाण ॥

Hri and Lakshmi are your wives, and your form is in the constellation on the side of the day and night. The two Aśvinī-kumāras are extended, and this is the desired object of the mind.

Now obviously Lakshmi is Wife of Narayana and not shiva so purusha suktam is indeed The Supreme God Sriman Narayan

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