Just like Ayurveda is the science of medicine in Sanaatan Dharm (Hinduism), what is the book for gardening skills/practices according to Sanaatan Dharm?

I want to know of the book/scripture which details on the knowledge of growing plants, do’s and don’t’s related to gardening, just like Ayurveda talks about medicine and the body.


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Vṛkṣāyurveda (वृक्षायुर्वेद) seems a proper term for gardening and other allied subjects on plants & trees.

  • There's a chapter in the Varāhamihira's composition - Bṛhatsaṃhitā

Chapter 55 - On Gardening (vṛkṣāyurveda)

  • There is brief reference in the Agni Purāṇa too

Chapter 282 - Description of Horticulture (vṛkṣāyurveda)


Chapter 70 - Mode of planting trees (vṛkṣa-pratiṣṭhā)

As per this research paper1 on Vṛkṣāyurveda

Treatises such as Kṛṣi-Parāśara, Kaśyapīyakṛṣisūkti, Mānasollāsa (1 & 2), Vṛkṣāyurveda and Lokopakāra were dedicated to the art of growing plants for use and pleasure.

Footnote 1: Suresh, G., Haridasan, K. and Krishnamurthy, K., 2013. Relevance of Vṛkṣāyurveda and other traditional methods for organic production of nursery seedlings of useful plants. Ancient Science of Life, 33(1), p.60.


I also found this great video by Project Shivoham on वृक्षायुर्वेद (vrikshayurved) which gives an introduction to what is contained in this branch of Indian Science:


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