One of the claims made in the above Quora answer is:

Vyāsa did not in fact compose all the Purāṇas — the oldest and the most authentic of the Puranas — the Vishnu Purāṇa was narrated by Parāśara — the alleged father of Vyāsa. (It is claimed that Vyāsa later redacted and rearranged it).

Is there anything in Hindu scriptures or scholarly works (research papers, publications, journals, etc.) that supports this claim?

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Parasara got a boon from Pulastya and his grandfather Vasishta that he will be auther of Vishnu Purana. In Vishnu Purana: Book 1: Chapter 1, Parasar tells the story how got this boon before narrating the Vishnu Purana to sages.

Paráśara replied, ... Then arrived Pulastya, the son of Brahmá, who was received by my grandfather with the customary marks of respect. The illustrious brother of Pulaha said to me; Since, in the violence of animosity, you have listened to the words of your progenitor, and have exercised clemency, therefore you shall become learned in every science: since you have forborne, even though incensed, to destroy my posterity, I will bestow upon you another boon, and, you shall become the author of a summary of the Puráńas; you shall know the true nature of the deities, as it really is; and, whether engaged in religious rites, or abstaining from their performance, your understanding, through my favour, shall be perfect, and exempt from doubts. Then my grandsire Vaśisht́ha added; Whatever has been said to thee by Pulastya, shall assuredly come to pass.

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  • Rearranging....
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