What is the maximum age limit for marriage in Hinduism? I am 35 years old can I marry at this age a young girl or Hinduism doesnot permit it should I convert to other religion.

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Yes, you can marry as per Hinduism.

This is what Manusmṛti says -

Verse 9.94

त्रिंशद्वर्षो वहेत् कन्यां हृद्यां द्वादशवार्षिकीम् । त्र्यष्टवर्षोऽष्टवर्षां वा धर्मे सीदति सत्वरः ॥ ९४ ॥

  1. A man thirty years old shall marry a charming maiden twelve years old; or one twenty four years old, a damsel eight years old; in the event of his duties suffering, he may do it sooner.

However, this must be read with the commentary by Medhātithi’s on the same verse

Medhātithi’s commentary (manubhāṣya):

What the injunction means is that the maiden married should be so much younger than the man;—and not that marriage must be done only at. the age stated. Nor is any stress meant to be laid upon the exact number of years mentioned; all that is meant is that one should many a girl very much younger than himself.

From the same page, The translator Ganganath Jha gives other verses from various scripture.

Comparative notes by various authors

Mahābhārata (13.41.14).— ‘One who is thirty or twenty-one years old shall take a wife sixteen years old, but before she has attained puberty.

Viṣṇupurāṇa (Vīramitrodaya-Saṃskāra, p. 766).—‘A man shall select a wife whose age is one-third of his own.

Āpastamba (Do., p. 767).—‘A man thirty-years old shall take a wife ten years old, before she has attained puberty; and one twenty-one years old, a girl seven years old.’

Āśvalāyana (Do.).—‘A maiden seven years old is called Śaiśavī; a man eighteen years of age shall marry her; a maiden eight years old is called Gaurī, conducive to richness of sons and grandsons; and she shall be married by a man twenty-five years old; a girl nine years old is called Rohiṇī conducive to richness of wealth; a wise man shall wed her for the accomplishment of all his desires; a girl over ten years age, until she has her courses, is called Gāndhārī; and she shall be married by a man desirous of living long.’

So, certainly, at 35 years of age, you may marry a desirable "young girl", as per scriptures. However, you must conform the above guidelines with the law of the land, and your elders and gurus.


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