I am asking this question as I wanted to know if a Murdhabhishikta man can marry a Brahmini girl or not.

Ved-Vyas was a Murdhabhishikta as he had a Brahmin father(Parashara) and Kshatriya mother( Satyavati).

Was the wife of Ved-Vyas , Vatika a Brahmini or murdhabhishikta .

And what about wife of Suka , son of Ved-Vyas , was she also murdhabhishikta ?

Murdhabhishikta - Child of Brahmin father and Kshatriya mother.

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Vyasa's Wife

Most probably she was a pure-Brahimna lady, the daughter of sage Jābāli. The Skanda Purāṇa doesn't seem to mention any information about her mother.

Chapter 147 - Dialogue between Vyāsa and Śuka, Tīrtha-māhātmya, Nāgara-khaṇḍa, Skanda Purāṇa

Sūta said:

  1. Further, there is another deity there who is the bestower of sons on men. It is Śiva named Vaṭikeśvara and he dispels all sins.

  2. O excellent Brāhmaṇas, there Vaṭikā performed a penance formerly, and obtained from Vyāsa a son, Kapiñjala, when Śuka went to the forest.

The sages said:

  1. to 4. Whose daughter was Vaṭikā? Why did she perform penance there? Why did Śuka abandon his father and seek refuge in the forest? How did the lady of pure smiles obtain Kapiñjala as son from Vyāsa?

Sūta said:

  1. O leading Brāhmaṇas, once Vyāsa was inclined to take a wife unto himself though he was devoid of lust. The noble-souled one was omniscient and quiescent.

  2. to 7. Once the Kuru race became extinct ending with King Vicitravīrya, O excellent Brāhmaṇas.

Thereupon, at the bidding of Satyavatī, he begot three heroic sons including Pāṇḍu in the wives of Vicitravīrya.

  1. Thus while he was in the stage of Vānaprastha, he had a desire for sexual intercourse once. Therefrom the race of Kuru was revived through the sons born of Kṣetra (wives of the dead king Vicitravīrya).

  2. Then he thought thus, ‘I shall take a wife unto me. Through the rites of a householder, I shall attain excellent goal.’

  3. Then he requested Jābāli for his splendid daughter, he immediately gave him his splendid daughter named Vaṭikā.

English Translation by G.V. Tagare

Śuka's Wife:

Her name was Pīvarī, and she was most definitely a pure-Brahimna, that too a mind-born daughter, as per the Padma Purāṇa.

Chapter 9 - Sṛṣṭi-khaṇḍa, Padmapurāṇa

  1. They (the Barhiṣads) are hundreds of sons of Pulastya; they are endowed with austerities and concentration of mind.

  2. They are magnanimous ones and give security to their devotees.

  3. Their mind-born daughter is known as Pīvarī. She, a contemplative saint and a divine mother, of abstract meditation, practised a very severe panance. The lord was pleased with her, and then she asked for a boon.

  4. “O god, the foremost among the eloquent, if you are pleased, give me a husband possessed of abstract meditation, handsome and one who has controlled his organs of sense”.

  5. The lord said: “When Śuka, the master of Yoga (and), Vyāsa’s son, will be born, you, of a good vow, will be his wife.

English Translation by N.A. Deshpande

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