I have heard, that children born under eclipse (Surya-Grahan, & Chandra-Grahan) are considered ill-fated as per the Jyotish-shastras?

Is it true as per scriptures, specifically the astrological treatises?

People generally say, being born under an eclipse is an ill-omen for the child's family? Do scriptures say anything to that effect?

If it's true does the effect varies with the type of grahan, like Surya - Grahan born people considered more ill-fated compared to Chandra-Grahan born, or vice-versa, etc.?

Are there some remedies to such a birth?


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A person born under eclipse is considered ill-fated, as per the Brihat-Parashara-Hora Shastra. The text, however, doesn't mention which amongst the Lunar or Solar eclipse birth will be more inauspicious.

Chapter 91 - Remedies for Birth in Eclipses

९१ - अथ ग्रहणजातशान्त्यध्यायः, बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्रम्

सूर्येन्दुग्रहणे काले येषां जन्म भवेद् द्विज । व्याधिः कष्टं च दारिद्र्यं तेषां मृत्युभयं भवेत् ॥ १ ॥

  1. The Sage said. O Brahmin! A person, whose birth takes place at the time of the solar, or lunar eclipse, suffers from ailments, distress, and poverty and faces the danger of death. Therefore I am going to describe for the benefit of mankind the remedial measures, required to be undertaken to nullify the above evil effects.

English Translation by Dr. R. Santhanam


The Complete Chapter 91 of the text, enlists various remedies, as per the ascendant and the other aspects of the Horoscope of the afflicted person, I'm briefly summarizing them here -

  • Preparing the idols of the Sun in Gold, Moon in Silver, and Rahu in Lead. Also preparing a gold idol of the deity of the Nakshatra in which the person is born.

  • Proper consecration of the above idols, and offering appropriate items which are dear to those deities, depending upon Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

  • Worshipping the deities with appropriate mantras and performing a Homam thereafter, with proper Vedic injunctions, followed by sprinkling the consecrated holy water which was kept in the Homam puja-kalash (pot).

  • Providing appropriate daan-dakshina to the priest and feeding the Brahminas, to the best of one's capacities.

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