In Tamil they say Kali is "ripening" to describe social ills - i.e., all the ills associated with the Kali Yuga getting worse.

Does scripture say that Kali Yuga is an age of steady deterioration?

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Yes, it is present.

Kali Yuga

These are the characteristics of Kaliyuga: violence, jealousy, falsehood, deception and slaughter of ascetics. These are the characteristics of Kali age which people inherit.

Vayu Purana I.58.31

Affected by the traits of the Age, entire dharma deteriorates. It is doubtful whether the livelihood (of the people) can be achieved even by putting up mental strain, physical exertion or prayers.

Vayu Purana I.58.32

In Kali Age, there are fatal diseases. There is perpetual fear of hunger. There is terrible danger of draught. Vision is blurred and rendered perverse.

Vayu Purana I.58.33

In Kali age people are unrighteous, unmindful of the rules of conduct, fierce in anger but deficient in power and splendor. They always utter falsehood.

Vayu Purana I.58.35

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