The continuous repetition of sacred words such as god names, mantras, etc. is said to be a Japa.

Japa is so much powerful. It is crore times more powerful than Puja and Stotra. You can read more about the following from this answer

Stotra is equal to a crore of PujA. A Japa is equal to crore of Stotra. DhyAna is equal to a crore of Japah and one crore of DhyAna is equal to Laya.

So, it is necessary for a person to do Japa in order to improve herself. I came across the following verse recently saying that greatest sins can be removed by doing a Japa.

Japatho nasthi pathakam

But I cannot find the source scripture of the verse. What is the source of this verse?

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It seems the phrase "Japato Nasti Patakam" occurs in many places:

- Maya Tantra:

As discussed in this answer, 5th patala of Maya Tantra contains Durga Nama Japa Mahima which says:

दुर्गेति द्व्यक्षरं मन्त्रं जपतो नास्ति पातकम्‌॥7॥

Performing the Japa of this two-syllabled Mantra Durga clears all the sins.

- Lakshmi Narayana Samhita:

3.130.80 of Lakshmi Narayana Samhita also contains the phrase:

मयि न्यस्तसमग्रस्य जपतो नास्ति पातकम्

mayi nyastasamagrasya japato nāsti pātakam

- Chanakya Neeti:

Chanakya neeti 3.11 also contains the phrase:

उद्योगे नास्ति दारिद्र्यं जपतो नास्ति पातकम्
मौनेन कलहो नास्ति नास्ति जागरिते भयम् ॥

There is no poverty for the industrious. Sin does not attach itself to the person practicing Japa. Those who are absorbed in Silence (Mauna) have no quarrel with others. They are fearless who always remain alert.

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Ashta Vimshati Vishnu Namastotram (28 names of Vishnu), 4th shloka:

Anantham Krishna gopalam japatho nasthi pathakam. 4

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