Although, in general, it takes more time than mantra japa to achieve results in nama japa, nama japa is a great path for all people in Kaliyuga.

It is extremely simple and needs no strict rules and regulations. If we opt for mantra japa, yoga, upasanas, etc., there are so many rules on food, sleep, behavior, etc., and also needs some guru. But, if we opt for nama japa, it is free for all.

#1: It does not need initiation

#2: No need to follow strict rules and regulations

One who chants the holy name of the Lord is immediately freed from the reactions of unlimited sins, even if he chants indirectly, jokingly, for musical entertainment, or even neglectfully. This is accepted by all the learned scholars of the scriptures.

[ŚB 6.2.14]

And it also assures the darshan of God.

In scriptures, we generally read the mentions about the capabilities/powers of some names only. The names include 'Shiva', 'Rama', 'Krishna', 'Hari' etc. So, I got the following doubt.

Is it the case with any name of any god and goddess? Suppose there are sahastranamas for gods and goddesses, if I take a single name from them and I keep on reciting them, then will it give the same result ultimately?

Note that the time span to experience results may be different for different names, but the question is not on that. The question is only about the final result by doing nama japa on a selected name.

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From Third Samas-Fourth Dashak of Shree Dasbodh by Samartha Ramdas

Majority of the part explains the benefits and importance of "Rama-nama", but the following two verses are more generally applicable.

परमेश्वराची अनंत नामें। स्मस्तां तरिजे नित्यनेमें। नामस्मरण करितां येमें। बाधिजेना ॥१९॥

There are infinite names of the Param-ishvara, taking any name from them to chant brings salvation. By taking the nama he doesn't need to suffer the yama-yatana (suffering after death).

सहस्रा नामामथ्यें कोणी येक | म्हणतां होतसे सार्थक। नाम स्मस्तां पुण्यश्त्मेक | होईजे स्वयें. ॥२०॥

Taking any name from the thousand names of the God brings immense benefits. He who takes the name continuously with faith becomes a nobel soul (Punyatma).

Taking names like "Rama", "Shiva", "Krishna" is very common. Other than these names, Maya tantra describes benifits of "Durga-Nama".

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    It is a great benefit for people in Kali Yuga.
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