We have a verse that describes the six desirable qualities of a wife:

“Karyeshu Daasi;Karaneshu mantri   [A servant at tasks, a minister at work]
Rupecha lakshmi; Kshamaya dharitri [Money-goddess (Lakshmi) at looks, like earth when forgiving]
Bhojyeshu mata; Sayaneshu rambha   [Mother at cooking, a nymph in bed]
Shat dharmayukta kuladharmapatni”  [That’s one’s wife, the one capable of six roles]

Is there a similar verse describing the virtues of a good husband?


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A husband should never do anything that his wife does not like.

No man, even in anger, should ever do anything that is disagreeable to his wife, seeing that happiness, joy, and virtue - everything dependeth on the wife.

Husband should always support his wife.

Manusmriti 9:95. The husband receives his wife from the gods, he does not wed her according to his own will; in order to please the gods he must always support her [in every way] as long as she is faithful to him.

Husband should be loyal to his wife and protect her in any case.

Garuda Purana 1:95:27. A good man should be faithful to his own wife, shall protect the female members of his family. The husband, or brother, or father, or the agnates, or the father-in-law, or the husbands’ brother of a woman, shall maintain her with food, raiments and ornaments, A woman, who is economical in her habits, simple and not extravagant in her toilette, cleanly and ingenious in her household works, and is of a cheerful temperament, should be maintained by her friends (relations, Vandhus).

Manusmriti 9:7. He who carefully guards his wife, preserves (the purity of) his offspring, virtuous conduct, his family, himself, and his (means of acquiring) merit.

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