I have some confusion in Gita chapter 3, Verse 26.


na buddhibhedaṃ janayedajñānāṃ karmasaṅginām joṣayetsarvakarmāṇi vidvānyuktaḥ samācaran

Meaning:Let no wise-man unsettle the minds of ignorant-people, who are attached to action; he should engage them in all actions, himself fulfilling them with devotion.

My confusion: no wise-man unsettle the minds of ignorant-people and he should engage them in all actions

It means, the wise should not disturb the mind of ignorant people and they should inspire/encourage them to do all action

How it can be possible if we inspire the ignorant to do all good action? Then definitely their mind will get disturbed.

My understanding is that by inspiring/encouraging the ignorant, it means, to disturb the mind of ignorant people.

I'm not getting the meaning of this verse.


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Gita says:

Let him (jnani) not unsettle the minds of the ignorant who are attached to action. The enlightened man doing all works in a spirit of yoga, should set others to act as well.

Gita 3.26

This verse is talking of the enlightened who has attained his objective of God or Self realization. He has no work left to do. Also God reduces the work of such a man.

M: "How long must one do one's duty?"

MASTER: "The blossom drops off when the fruit appears. One doesn't have to do one's duty after the attainment of God, nor does one feel like doing it then.

"If a drunkard takes too much liquor he cannot retain consciousness. If he takes only two or three glasses, he can go on with his work. As you advance nearer and nearer to God, He will reduce your activities little by little. Have no fear.

"Finish the few duties you have at hand, and then you will have peace. When the mistress of the house goes to bathe after finishing her cooking and other household duties, she won't come back, however you may shout after her."

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Chapter 4, Advice to Householders

What should such a man do?

Gita is saying that such a man should continue working to set an example to the unenlightened. What will happen if the enlightened person stops working completely? Then an unenlightened or ignorant person might just copy the enlightened person by not working which will harm the unenlightened person.

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