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Does the scriptures describe whether Lord Shiva consumes meat?

Does the ShivPuran describe whether Lord Shiva consumes meat?

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    There are no mythologies in Hinduism. There are ithihasas puranas which talks of history. Commented Jul 10, 2022 at 8:11

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And since he burns and oppresses, is keen and fierce, and endued with great energy, and is engaged in eating flesh and blood and marrow, he is said to be Rudra.



The God doesn't (need) consume any meat or food, in general, for he's not a normal human with hunger and thirst like desires.

However, He's offered meat in his certain aspects like Bhairava and other forms and god Shiva being bounteous, accepts all offerings of a devotee, provided the devotee does it with deep love and devotion.

Such an example is narrated in the Gautami Mahatmya of the Brahma Purāṇa. God Brahmā narrates the famous story of Bhilla-tirtha, where Shiva accepted the killed animal's meat offerings by a low caste hunter as his Naivedya.

Chapter 99 - The Holy Centre Bhilla (Gautami Mahatmya), Brahma Purāṇa

  • 7-13. After wandering in various places and killing animals as he pleased he used to place the meat at the tip of the bow. The tired hunter then came to the place where Lord Śiva, Ādikeśa had his Liṅga. He used to keep the meat outside. Then he went to Gaṅgā and taking water in his mouth and some leaves in his hand, he returned to the lord with great devotion. He took the meat in the other hand for offering Naivedya with great devotion. He then came to Lord Ādikeśa who had already been worshipped elaborately by Veda (the sage of that name). He then removed flowers left by Veda after his worship by means of his foot. After bathing lord Śiva with the water brought by him in his mouth and after offering those leaves by way of worship he used to place the meat there as Naivedya saying “May lord Śiva be pleased with me.”
  • Excepting devotion of a splendid nature unto Śiva he did not know anything else. Thereafter he used to go back to his own abode in the manner he had come, taking the rest of the meat with him.
  1. Everyday he used to come there and do this by himself. However, Īśa was pleased with him. Indeed, wonderful are the ways of the lord.
  1. As long as the Bhilla did not come to Him, Lord Śiva was not happy. Who knows the (magnitude of) Śiva’s compassion towards his devotees? It is beyond all measure.
  • Also, as per this forum, Shiva also accepted meat offering from his another devotee (named Dhira), as narrated by Rishi Agastya, in the Chapter 29 of the Shiva-Bhakta-vilasam as narrated by Sage Upanmayu in Skanda puranam
    (Pages 102-121; translated by Lineshwara Rao; published by Shri Ramanashram)

However, note that the Shiva Purāṇa Verse 1.25.43 forbids meat for the devotees of Shiva.

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