I know several instances in the scriptures in which women marry according to their choice. In some cases, parents entirely leave to the will of the girl, and in other cases, a girl marries the loved one even though her parents are not in complete agreement. In the latter cases, girls generally wait till their parents agree. I never came across any instance in which parents make their daughter's marriage forcefully against her choice. So, it seems that Sanatana dharma always provides freedom of choice to a girl in her marriage.

Some of the instances that are in support of the above arguments are:

#1: Draupadi rejecting Karna

Draupadi loudly said, 'I will not select a Suta for my lord.' Then Karna, laughing in vexation and casting glance at the Sun, threw aside the bow already drawn to a circle.

#2: Savitri's search for her partner based on her father's words

And the king said, 'Daughter, the time for bestowing thee is come! Yet none asketh thee. Do thou (therefore) thyself seek for a husband equal to thee in qualities! That person who may be desired by thee should be notified to me. Do thou choose for thy husband as thou listest. I shall bestow thee with deliberation.

[Sectin 266, Pativrata-mahatmya Parva, Vana Parva, The Mahabharata]

#3: Sasikala marrying Sudarśana after a debate with her parents

Hearing these words from her daughter, the king Subāhu trusted her, and firmly resolved to act according to that, and to celebrate the marriage of Śaśikalā.

[61, Chapter 20: On the Svayamvara hall and the kings conversation there, 3, The Devi Bhagavata Purana - book cover The Devi Bhagavata Purana]

And there is Suvarchala's story in which the father agrees with his daughter and waits for her decision though he wants to marry his daughter quickly.

But, I may be unaware of some instances. Are there any such instances in scriptures where parents performed forceful marriage against the choice of the girl?



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