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If we match recent/current society with the description gave in this section of Mahabharata by the great Muni Markandeya.

The description sounds very familiar – looks like it gives almost identical account of the various characteristics world has demonstrated over the last century or so. Isn’t it?

We can easily verify most of the facts, like collapse of four orders into a common order, the whole world having one kind of food, rulers robbing their subjects by all means, both men and women becoming perfectly free in their behaviour and not tolerating one another's acts, girls themselves choosing their husbands, men ceasing to trust one another, people falsely bearing the marks of religion, men abandoning the countries and directions and towns and cities of their occupation, seeking for new ones, one after another...

It’s not necessary that every fact has to be occurring as is as it might be symbolic to something else, but things like girls of five or six years of age will bring forth children really struck the skeptic in me. However, soon I found that this in fact became reality in 1930s.

As most of us would know from childhood that we’re in Kaliyug – about 5 thousand years have elapsed – it would take another 432 thousand years for Kaliyug to reach to its end. What if this figure is actually symbolic to something else? What if we’re living during the end period of Kaliyug?

The ask from readers of this question is to provide facts in favor or against of this theory.

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  • though it's a speculative one, but speculation is the first step to experimentation and then to verify and believe something IMO.
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    there are actually various sources for this. Some saints say that KaliYuga is going to end soon in the coming few years. Some saints say that it has already ended and we are now in Dvapar Yug. Some say that it is still going on and will continue to go on. Some saints say that each yuga is just an individual transformation in addition to being a world transformation. Its all debatable and no-one really can be sure of the future after all, we are not the all-knowing God (or God-realized) :P
    – Sai
    Jan 19, 2015 at 16:27
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    good point. But the thing is, IMHO, these conditions are simply of our own imagination. What we focus on grows. A glass can be looked at as half full or half empty. A positive person will find good things to say about every age. A negative person will find only the negatives of the age. Thus wherever age you are in, it will seem like Kali Yuga if one is negative and every age will seem to be Satya Yuga for the positive person. The important thing is to be happy whatever age it is :)! In my opinion, world is more spiritual now than before! All the best
    – Sai
    Jan 19, 2015 at 17:27

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I recently stumbled upon this research paper which I can consider the most important and scientific sort of research regarding yugas that can dispel the myth of Kaliyug having 432 thousand years. As per the paper the four yugas are in fact 3 thousand years each and there are descending and ascending full yuga cycles (each full cycle having 12 thousand Earth years). The paper estimates the end of ascending Kaliyug in 2025. Note: the researcher isn't a working geologist, but rather a technologist. But I found the paper based on good number of facts and therefore I can consider it credible.

Then I also found a book on Veerabrahmendra – a divine saint born around 1200/1300C, the most interesting thing is the Kalagyana written by him and it has prophecies related to period during the end of Kaliyuga (most of which have already been manifested like world wars ETC). Swami Brahmendra is considered a precursor to lord Kalki and he himself described his time of arrival as Lord Kalki. I’m still going through the book. A comment on that page noted:

According to book, if we calculate, Kaliyug started in 3130BC. BrahmamGaru (Kalki) will born in year 2024-2025AD.. However he will known to World as Kalki in year 2040-2041Ad. He is married at 18 years in year 2042-2043AD. And from 2070AD, Kalki rules the world in his terms.

Similar prediction is made on National discovery channel’s blog from a seemingly different though not disclosed source:

According to Ajay, the end of the world is not so far from us. The world will end within 2085 AD.

Did the Mayan’s calendar actually refer to the end of Kaliyug (which people has incorrectly interpreted as end of world)? May be, yes. There are lot of convincing evidence from different, independent sources!

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    The discovery channel's blogpost is at nationaldiscoverychannel.com/2013/01/… . couldn't add due to number of links limitation on new members
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  • Please keep adding additional information from the book and if possible also from different sources. Thanks. Jul 26, 2016 at 7:31
  • In the book Prophecies 1998 To 3000 by a Yogi, it's stated that world war 3 would take place between 2000-2030 and a yogi will guide india and the world from 2015. It also mentions of coming golden time in this century – a society free of greed and hate.
    – bhakta
    Jul 27, 2016 at 8:22

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