Help translate into English chapter 47, verse 26 — Brihat Parashar Hora Shastram Uttara Khand Khemraj 1932 Shri Krishna Museum Kurukshetra

देहायासो मनस्तापो राजद्वारे विरोधकृत ॥ विदेशगमनं चैव तीथयात्रादिकं फलम्‌

dehāyāso manastāpo rājadvāre virodhakṛta || videśagamanaṃ caiva tīthayātrādikaṃ phalam‌

  • "Physical exertion and mental anguish are the causes of opposition at the gate of the king. Going abroad is also the fruit of pilgrimage . "
    – Krsna Dasa
    Aug 1, 2022 at 17:53

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Here is the page you need in this book. It states that the aspects of Rahu are similar to those of Jupiter.

  • The book he shared has a different verse at that number, so this doesn't answer the question Jul 22, 2022 at 7:03

I have no clue which 47th chapter 26th verse are you taking about?? Can you please add a snap of it. I tried to search it in the English and Hindi translations. No similar verse is found.

In the link you have given I found it here, you can see the chapter is 47 and the 26th verse.

enter image description here

But I found two translations of English and Hindi, which has two different verses at 47tu chapter and 26th shloka

English Translation: Page 89-90

enter image description here

Hindi Translation

enter image description here

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