In broad, one can classify the boons granted by deities to devotees into three categories:

  1. Boons that enhance the intention of a devotee
  2. Boons that diminish the intention of a devotee 1 2
  3. Boons that exactly match the intention of the devotee

This question deals with instances of type 1. I am aware of the following instance that stands as an example of type 1 in which Ma Savitri grants herself as the daughter to Aswapati although he asked for a normal son.

Consider the following instance of Savitri granting a boon not exactly asked by the Aswapati. I can say that Savitri granted more than what was asked for

And with the object of raising offspring, he observed rigid vows and began to live upon frugal fare, having recourse to the Brahmacharya mode of life, and restraining his senses. And that best of kings, (daily) offering ten thousand oblations to the fire, recited Mantras in honour of Savitri and ate temperately at the sixth hour. And he passed eighteen years, practising such vows. Then when the eighteen years were full, Savitri was pleased (with him). And O king, issuing with great delight, in embodied form, from the Agnihotra fire, the goddess showed herself to that king. And intent on conferring boons, she spoke these words unto the monarch, 'I have been gratified, O king, with thy Brahmacharya practices, thy purity and self-restraint and observance of vows, and all thy endeavours and veneration! Do thou, O mighty king. O Aswapati, ask for the boon that thou desirest! Thou ought, however, by no means show any disregard for virtue.' Thereat Aswapati said, 'It is with the desire of attaining virtue that I have been engaged in this task. O goddess, may many sons be born unto me worthy of my race! If thou art pleased with me, O goddess, I ask for this boon. The twice-born ones have assured me that great merit lieth in having offspring!' Savitri replied, 'O king, having already learnt this thy intention, I had spoken unto that lord, the Grandsire, about thy sons. Through the favour granted by the Self-create, there shall speedily be born unto thee on earth a daughter of great energy. It behoveth thee not to make any reply. Well-pleased, I tell thee this at the command of the Grandsire.'

"Markandeya said, 'Having accepted Savitri's words and saying, 'So be it!' the king again gratified her and said, 'May this happen soon!' On Savitri vanishing away, the monarch entered his own city.

I want to know a similar instance in which a deity enhances the intent of the devotee and grants a bigger boon than what a devotee asks for. What can be another such instance?



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