Brihaspathi is well-known as a guru of gods. He has a brother named Samvarta, who is an avaduta. The following lines are taken from the Introductory Note of the scripture named Tripura Rahasyam

Parasurama returned crest-fallen and on his way met an Avadhuta named Samvarta, the brother of Brihaspati. Later he encountered Sri Dattatreya who instructed him in the Truth and so led him to salvation.

Parasurama accidentally encountered Samvarta and the contact led Parasurama to vicharana and then enlightenment. The following are the words of Dattatreya to Parashurama

Association with the Sages is alone said to lead to the highest good. Your contact with Samvarta has led you to this stage of enlightenment, which is the forerunner of emancipation. On being approached, the Sages teach the greatest good.

[8-9, 3, Jnana Kanda, Tripura Rahasyam]

I don't think the Tripura Rahasya contains the history of Samvarta. I am interested in knowing his childhood, how he became avaduta etc.,

Does any scripture contain details pertaining to the life of Samvarta?



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