Recently while hearing about the importance of sadhachara, I encountered the following interesting statement

Achaara heenan na punanti Veda

Vedas cannot purify the person who does not perform acharas

It is a very useful statement for day-to-day life as many people tend to study scriptures without following acharas. After hearing it, I started searching for the source(s) and found many scriptures.

आचारहीनं न पुनन्ति वेदा यद्यप्यधीता: सह षड्भिरंगै:।

छन्दांस्येनं मृत्युकाले त्यजन्ति नीडं शकुंता इव जातपक्षा:

(वसिष्ठ स्मृति 6/3; देवी भागवत 11/2/1) ref

Achaara heenan na punanti Veda yadyapyadheetah saha shatbhirangaih, shilpam hi Vedadhyayanam Dwijaanam vrutam Smrutam Brahmana lakshmanam tu

[9, Skanda Shashthi Vrata, Bhavishya Purana]

So, Vasishta smriti, Devi Bagahavatham, and Bhavishya Purana contain the verse. But on this site, I read that Manu also told the same.

आचार हीनो न पुनन्ति वेदाः (Achara Hino Na Punanthi Vedah) says Manu.

Is it present in Manusmriti? If yes, in which chapter? If not, where did Manu tell this?

Note: I didn't validate personally the ref part of Vashishtha Smriti and Devi Bhagavatam.


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