Padma Purana 5.5.46:

Śiva fell at his [Lord Raam's] feet

You are the only Puruṣa (i.e. the Supreme Being)

With a portion of you, you create and destroy the universe.

You who are formless, are the highest cause of the entire world.

At the time of creation (you exist) in the form of Brahmā, In protecting (the world) you are full of your lustre; and at the time of the final destruction of the world (you are) I known as Śarva (i.e. Śiva).

O you kind one, forgive (me)

O Rāma, I who granted such a boon, am really your servant. I am now pitied (by you).

Shiva Purana has a different version of events but I think that may be for a different Kalpa.



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