Worship of Shiva in Linga form is widely practiced. But in some places Murti Pooja is done in temples too. Is it a valid practice? What are the scriptural sources from Vedas/Puranas/Shaivaagamas about Murti Pooja of Shiva with or without the consort?

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One does not have to worship Shiva in the linga form. Any form would do.

Henceforth, I shall mention the benefit accruing from the installation of the idol entirely, for the welfare of the world. The idol may be in accordance with one’s own wish.

Linga Purana I.76.1

After making the idol of the lord seated in an elegant seat along with the Skanda and Uma and after installing it with devotion one shall fulfil desires.

Linga Purana I.76.2

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