There is a temple of Goddess Tripura Sundari in Bihar where many people experienced goddesses talking at night times. I am quoting from this article

the deities present inside the temple speak like humans! It is a stunning truth experienced by several people that at night, when the temple closes for the darshan. Many people have heard noise coming through the walls of the temple as if the deities were conversing with each other. To find out the truth of these statements a team of scientists visited the temple at night, and concluded that there indeed words tend to echo within the temple walls when heard intently at night.

A tantric siddha named Bhawani Mishra built the temple about 400 years ago

It is said that long ago, about 400 years ago, a tantric named Bhawani Mishra chose a certain place to build a shrine of Goddess Tripura Sundari and a host of other devtas. It has been a long tradition in this temple to worship the deities by using both Vedic and Tantrik practices. Tantra practitioners have an unbroken and unwavering faith in the power of this shrine.

I want to know more details about Bhawani Mishra. Bhawani Mishra is undoubtedly a great tantric and expert sadhaka.

Are there any articles or books available about Bhawani Mishra? Is there any lineage of Bhawani Mishra?

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