As per (Bala Kanda 1.14.33-35), did Devi Kaushalya killed the horse and had sex with him?

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Sometimes, English translations may be gross/misleading. Here is a transltion from Hindi version of Valmiki Ramayana:

उस समय उन यूपों में तीन सौ पशु बँधे हुए थे तथा राजा दशरथका वह उत्तम अश्वरन्त भी वहीं बाँधा गया था ॥ ३२ ॥

At that time three hundred animals were tied in those sacrificial altars, and the best horse of King Dasaratha was also tied there. 32 ॥

रानी कौसल्याने वहाँ प्रोक्षण आदिके द्वारा सब ओरसे उस अश्वका संस्कार करके बड़ी प्रसन्नताके साथ तीन तलवारोंसे उसका स्पर्श किया ॥ ३३ ॥

Queen Kausalya there performed the rituals of sprinkling the horse from all sides and touched it with three swords with great joy. 33 ॥

तदनन्तर कौसल्या देवीने सुस्थिर चित्तसे धर्मपालनकी इच्छा रखकर उस अश्वके निकट एक रात निवास किया ॥ ३४ ॥

Thereafter, with a steady mind, desiring to observe religious principles, goddess Kausalya stayed near the horse for one night. 34 ॥

तत्पश्चात् होता, अध्वर्यु और उद्गाताने राजाकी (क्षत्रियजातीय) महिषी 'कौसल्या', (वैश्यजातीय स्त्री) 'वावाता' तथा (शूद्रजातीय स्त्री) परिवृत्ति' – इन सबके हाथसे उस अश्वका स्पर्श कराया ॥ ३५ ॥

After that, the Hota, the Adhvaryu and the Udgata touched the horse with the hands of the king’s (Kshatriya) queen Kausalya, (Vaishya woman) Vavata and (Shudra woman) Parivrtti. 35 ॥

As highlighted in above verses, devi Kausalya only had touched the horse with the swords and not really killed it. Also she stayed whole night near the horse, there was no sex involved.

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