I've heard this word many time -"Uchimuhurdhal"

I'm not sure whether I am spelling it right? But I have heard this word , which might probably mean, "Elders doing uchimuhurdhal on young ones" - Kind of a blessing.

If anyone knows the meaning, can someone explain how its done, why and when it should be done?

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It refers to sniffing the head of a newborn baby during the Jatakarma ritual.

  • Uchchi means peak.
  • Uchchi thalai means peak of head.
  • mukarthal means to sniff.

The technical term for that is mUrdhani-avaghrANam.

Source: Apastamba describes the Jatakarma ritual in the Grihya Sutra Patala 6.

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  • Can you tell me why it is done? Is it done only for new born baby? Should we tell any mantras while doing so?
    – Newbie
    Commented Sep 14, 2022 at 18:04

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