I Recently have heard about Goddess Raksha Kali and I want to know about this goddess. My question are:-

  • Who is Raksha Kali and Is any mention/stories about This goddess in tantras or any scriptures?

  • She is the form of Kali or she herself is Kali?

Please clear my doubt.

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I do not know where exactly in scripture is Raksha-Kali mentioned. The answer to the second question is Raksha-Kali is Kali.

I have posted below a conversation between the Brahmo leader Sri Keshab Chandra Sen and Sri Ramakrishna.

KESHAB (with a smile): "Describe to us, sir, in how many ways Kali, the Divine Mother, sports in this world."

MASTER (with a smile): "Oh, She plays in different ways. It is She alone who is known as Maha-Kali, Nitya-Kali, Smasana-Kali, Raksha-Kali, and Syama-Kali. Maha-Kali and Nitya-Kali are mentioned in the Tantra philosophy. When there were neither the creation, nor the sun, the moon, the planets, and the earth, and when darkness was enveloped in darkness, then the Mother, the Formless One, Maha-Kali, the Great Power, was one with Maha-Kala, the Absolute.

"Syama-Kali has a somewhat tender aspect and is worshipped in the Hindu households. She is the Dispenser of boons and the Dispeller of fear. People worship Raksha-Kali, the Protectress, in times of epidemic, famine, earthquake, drought, and flood. Smasana-Kali is the embodiment of the power of destruction. She resides in the cremation ground, surrounded by corpses, jackals, and terrible female spirits. From Her mouth flows a stream of blood, from Her neck hangs a garland of human heads, and around Her waist is a girdle made of human hands.

"After the destruction of the universe, at the end of a great cycle, the Divine Mother garners the seeds for the next creation: She is like the elderly mistress of the house, who has a hotchpotch-pot in which she keeps different articles for household use. (All laugh.)

"Oh, yes! Housewives have pots like that, where they keep 'sea-foam', (The Master perhaps referred to the cuttlefish bone found on the seashore. The popular belief is that it is hardened sea-foam.) blue pills, small bundles of seeds of cucumber, pumpkin, and gourd, and so on. They take them out when they want them. In the same way, after the destruction of the universe, my Divine Mother, the Embodiment of Brahman, gathers together the seeds for the next creation. After the creation the Primal Power dwells in the universe itself. She brings forth this phenomenal world and then pervades it. In the Vedas creation is likened to the spider and its web. The spider brings the web out of itself and then remains in it. God is the container of the universe and also what is contained in it.

"Is Kali, my Divine Mother, of a black complexion? She appears black because She is viewed from a distance; but when intimately known She is no longer so. The sky appears blue at a distance; but look at it close by and you will find that it has no colour. The water of the ocean looks blue at a distance, but when you go near and take it in your hand, you find that it is colourless."

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Chapter 5

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    Thx for posting this info ! :) Good stuff. Lots of different forms of Maa Kali in different religious texts. As a brand new Shakta convert I love to learn abt them and understand more :D
    – user28094
    Commented Sep 20, 2022 at 1:40
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    Thank you devi bhakt for your comment. Read The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna to learn about a great devi bhakta. Commented Sep 20, 2022 at 2:58

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