Where can I get AtharvaShiras Upanishad in english translation with Sanskrit Sloka in pdf?

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I searched up some meta posts on this website and found many wonderful websites(many many thanks to our moderators Pandya and The Destroyer for organising it so beautifully!)

I didn't find a single PDF for the same but found two separate links

  1. Atharvashira Upanishad (Sanskrit Shlokas)

    (you could also get a pdf version for this on the same website)

  2. Atharvashira Upanishad English Translation by R.A.Shastri

(P.S. The translation begins after the Shanti Mantra(I am assuming you understand basic Sanskrit shlokas so you can figure that out....))

I would also recommend you to go through the highly structured Hinduism Meta Posts like this one here.

Hope my answer helped you.If any problem arises pls do ask!

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    Thanks for the answer
    – user27805
    Oct 2, 2022 at 20:18

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