What are some positives of kaliyug? And how to safeguard oneself in kaliyug?

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Some Puranas state that in Kali Yuga getting Moksha is easier compared to the previous ages.

For example, the Bhagavata Purana states:

Text 51: My dear King, although Kali-yuga is an ocean of faults, there is still one good quality about this age: Simply by chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra, one can become free from material bondage and be promoted to the transcendental kingdom.

In the previous Yugas, for getting Moksha it used to require a lot of effort and tapasya but in Kali Yuga for achieving the same simply Nama Sankirtana (chanting holy names of God) is enough. So, this is a plus point of Kali.

Same thing is mentioned in other Puranas as quoted in the book "Dharma Bindu":

Vishnu Purana: Sarve Brahma vadavyanti sampraptetun Kaloau yuge, Naanu tishthanti Maitreya shishnodara parayanaah/ Yada yadaasataam haanih Vedamargaanu saarinaam, Tadaa tadaa Kaler - vriddhih anumeyaa vichakshanaih// Veda Vyaasauvaacha: Yatkrute dashabhirvarshaih tretaayaam vaayanenatu Dvaapare tacchamaasena hyahoraatrena tatlalou/ Dhyaayan Krite yajan yagjnaih Tretaayaam Dwapare archayan, Yadaapnoti tadaapnoti Kalou samkeerta Keshavam/ Naaradiye/ Hare Keshava Govinda Vaasudeva Janaarddana, Iteetayanti nityam sahitaan badhate Kalih// Shiva Shankara Rudreti Nilakantha Trilochana, Iteerayanti ye nityam sahitaan baadhate Kalih/ Shiva Shankara Rudreti Neelakantha Trilochana, Iteerayanti ye nityam sahitaan baadhate Kalih/ (Vishnu Purana details Yuga dharmas as follows: In Kali Yuga, every one discusses about Brahma Jnaana but none is really interested in it since they are overwhelmed of selfishness, centric pysche and sex but none really is serious in favour of Brahma Jnaana; as and when there occurs a danger to the Virtuous, there is the upgradation of evil forces and infringement of virtue, and the signs of Kali Yuga become prominent and clear. Vyasa states: What ever deeds of virtue are performed in ten years in Krita yuga are as dispensed with or equal to those peformed in one Ayana on Treta Yuga, one month in one Dvapara yuga and even in single day-night on Kali Yuga. 1)The rewards of virtue by of Tapas during KritaYuga are as good as Yagjnas in Treta yuga, worships in DvaparaYuga and even ‘Samkeertanas’ rendering Sacred Songs in Kali yuga)

Narada Brahmarshi that states the soulful singing of Narayana as: Here Keshava Govinda Vaasudeva Janardana Iteerayanti nityam sahitaan baadhate Kalih/ Or alternatively as Shiva Shankara Rudreti Neelakantha Tricochana, Itirtayanti ye nityam sahitaan baadhate Kalih/ 2)That is either render Hari Smarana or Hara smarana as above! Kali Yuga would never ever torment sincere prayers with the naamas as mentioned above. Such indeed are the Yuga Dharmas!


Kali Yuga yields the fruits of good acts immediately and only sinful deeds and not sinful thoughts matter.

Parikshit, who was like a honey-bee in grasping the essential good in everything, abstained from killing Kali, because there is one great excellence pertaining to his age – whatever good you do fructifies immediately, but not so the evil deeds; and besides, in Kali’s age sin accrues only to sinful deeds and not to sinful thoughts. Kali is like one who is cowardly before the brave, but brave before the cowardly. He holds no fear for the good, but like a wolf he is always vigilant and alert to pounce upon those who are thoughtless and unobservant.

Srimad Bhagavata Purana translated by Swami Tapasyananda I.18.7

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