I know Vishalakshi is a goddess of Kashi and Vimala a goddess of Puri. But, any scriptures mentioned about this goddesses?

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Vishalakshi is mentioned in the Varaha Purana, being born from Vaishnavi's (a form of Mata Trikala) anger and darkness, amongst other goddesses also being born.

Vishalakshi is also mentioned to be the goddess of Kashi in the Matsya Purana (13.26)

In this chapter of Kashi Khanda of Skanda Purana, Vishalakshi appeared with Vishwanatha for grant the boon to Kubera.

141-142. Thereupon, Lord Viśveśvara himself accompained by Goddess Viśālākṣī manifested with a delighted mind. He glanced in the direction of the lord of Alakā, who was standing motionless like a post directing the mind towards the Liṅga. The Lord said, “I am the bestower of boons. Enough of your penance, O lord of Alakā.”

Now, for Vimala.

From the book Shodhganga: Iconical representations of Śiva, Vimala is said to have been born from the Aghora face of Sadashiva:

Rauravāgama mentions the same theory as the Āgamas like Kāmika, Yogaja, Cintya, Kāraṇa, Ajita, Dăpta, Sūkṣma and Sahasra are emanated from the Iąāna face of Sadāąiva; Aṃąumān, Suprabheda, Kiraṇa, Niąvāsa, Svāyambhuva, Anala and Văra are from the face called Tatpuruṣa of Sadāąiva; Raurava, Makuṭa, Vimala and Candrajñāna are from the Aghora face of Sadāąiva; Bimba, Prodgăta, Lalita, Siddha and Santāna are from the Vāmadeva face of Sadāąiva; Ąarvokta, Pārameąvara, Kiraṇa and Vātula are sprung from the Sadyojāta face of Sadāąiva.

I could not find any Puranic reference though, other than in the Matsya Purana reference image above, where it states "Vimala in Purushottama."


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