I have read that one must remember the Vedic Ordinance

Ekavaram Dvivaram va

I would want to know what does the statement above mean? and from which Veda was it taken from? Can I also get the full sloka?

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    Vaaram means day. So Eka-Vaaram could be once a day and Dvi-Vaaram could be twice a day . Va(or).. Eating once a day or twice a day , could work out for those who do Pranayama , (may be for progressing in Ashtanga yoga etc NotSure).bcos Praanayama and food are interlinked .But a normal person may swoon if one does not eat a balanced diet according to his bodily requirements, and may face nutrition deficiency, IMHO, some modern yoga centres suggesting such diet pattern for a common man , making the person to lose health is pitiable. Iam not sure if my guess matches with what the question asks.
    – Athrey
    Nov 7, 2022 at 13:19


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