As we all know, Shaligram Shila is the symbol which represents Lord Vishnu just like a Shiva Linga represents Lord Shiva.

But, i want to know what is the literal word meaning or translation of the word Shaligram. Because everytime i search for the meaning it always comes as Shaligram means Lord Vishnu.

Well, i know Shaligram Shila means Lord Vishnu but I wanna know why he is called Shaligram or why the mountain/stone/fossil is called as Shaligram and not something else. Because every name has meaning. Like Narayana means the one wvose abode (ayana) is water (nara), Hari means who take away (pain, sorrow, sins, etc etc)(Haran), Vishnu means the pervasive one or the world (Visva), and so on.

(Note.: I know the story. So, no need tell it. Just wana know the meaning behind the name and why its called like that according to sanatani scriptures.).

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    Though, i do have a theory like if we nreak Shaligram into Shalin + Gram. Shalin can mean modesty (Sri), or good people, etc and gram can mean village or abode. So, it can also mean the one who is the abode of Sri or good people or whose abode are sri or good people. Its, just a theory. Do, i want scriptural reference. 👍😊🌞.. Commented Nov 10, 2022 at 16:59
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    As Savdy said ancient name mukthinath kshetra is shaligram.. village where shila of shaligram is found.
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    Good, that my theory was correct. 😊👍🌞.. Commented Feb 2, 2023 at 9:18

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Ahnik Kritya, 3rd Khanda, Vishnu Puja Vidhi, from Vishnu Dharmottara Upa Purana.

Etymology of the word Shalagram - Shalankaran Muni was looking for Vishnu and suddenly saw the appearance of a sal tree in front of him. After a while, Vishnu appeared under him and said - I have just started to produce rocks in the river. This is the rock Vishnu's name is Shalgram. — Vishudharthottara Pale (Salvrikshasamipe) Village.

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    Could you also specify which chapter and verses from Vishnu Dharmottara Upa Purana?
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    Yes, sure, it's Ahanik Kritya from Third Khanda, Vishnu Puja Vidhi part. I have edited and also inserted it in my answer. I hope that is helpful.
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