Parvati is the wife of Shiva. As far as I know , She was the one who asked and persuaded Shiva to marry her. Vishnu is considered as the brother of Parvati.

Did VIshnu have some role in their marriage ? Was Vishnu the one who told Parvati about Shiva or something like that ? Or Even with Sati.


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For Mata Parvati's marriage all gods including Lord Vishnu prayed to Maa Parvati.:

Sri Shiv Puran 2.3:3:4.:

The gods said:—

  1. O Śivā, O great Goddess, O mother of the universe we gods bow to you, the destroyer of all distress.

  2. O Goddess, neither the Vedas nor the sacred texts know you perfectly. Your greatness, O Śivā, is beyond the scope of speech and mind and cannot even be meditated upon.

  3. Even the Vedas mention you, trembling with fright, by negating what you are not. What will be the matter in regard to others?

  4. Many devotees know the same after getting your favour through devotion. There is no cause for fear to the devotees who seek refuge in you.

  5. O great Goddess listen to our submission which we, your slaves for ever, are going to explain.

  6. Formerly you were born as the daughter of Dakṣa and were married to Śiva. You destroyed the great misery of Brahmā and others.

  7. Being disrespected by your father, you cast off your body in accordance with your vow. You then went to your own world and Śiva became miserable.

  8. O great Goddess, the purpose of the gods has not been completely carried out. The sages are agitated. Hence we, Gods, have sought refuge in you.

  9. O great Goddess, please fulfil the desire of the God, O Śivā, so that the words of Sanatkumāra may be fruitful.

  10. O Goddess, incarnating again on the earth please be the wife of Rudra (Śiva) again. Carry on your sports in a fitting manner and let the Gods be happy.

  11. O Goddess, may Rudra too, the resident of Kailāsa be happy. Let all become happy. Let misery perish entirely.

Brahmā said:—

  1. Saying so, Viṣṇu and the other gods, full of loving devotion remained waiting silently and humbly.

For Maa Sati's marriage all gods prayed to Lord Shiva.:

Sri Shiva Purana 2.2:2:16.:

Brahmā said:—

  1. On hearing these words of Śiva in the presence of Viṣṇu, smilingly and joyously I spoke thus in humble spirits.

  2. O lord Śiva, I shall suggest such a woman as you desire for yourself,

  3. She is Umā, O lord. Formerly she manifested herself in the forms of Sarasvatī and Lakṣmī in order to fulfil her task.

  4. Lakṣmī became the wife of Viṣṇu and Sarasvatī mine. From her desire for the welfare of the world she has taken a third form.

  5. She is born now as Dakṣa’s daughter in the name of Satī. O lord, she will be an ideal wife rendering wholesome service.

  6. O lord of devas, at present she is performing penance for securing you. She is firm in her austere rites. She desires you as her husband. Indeed she is highly brilliant.

  7. O Lord Śiva, be merciful to her. Grant her the desired boon. Then lovingly marry her.

  8. O Śiva, this is the desire of Viṣṇu, the devas and mine too. With a benignant look fulfil our desire. Let us see the wedding festivities with devotion.

  9. Let there be a happy and auspicious occasion (for that) in the three worlds. Let all ailments vanish. Let there be no doubt about it.

  10. Then at the conclusion of my speech, Viṣṇu, the slayer of Madhu demon,[2] spoke to Śiva who assumes various forms during His divine sports and who is favourably disposed to his devotees.

Viṣṇu said:—

  1. O great lord, the lord of devas, O Śiva the merciful, there is no doubt in this that what Brahmā has said constitutes what I have to say.

  2. Hence, O great lord be merciful to me and carry out this request. Marrying her please make the three worlds blessed with a leader with benignant look.

I hope this clarifies all your queries. Prd..


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