At what speed does the time run in Vaikunth , the abode of Vishnu ?

And what about Go-Loka , the abode of Krishna , at what speed does the time run over there ?

(with respect to earth)

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There are two zones in COSMOS / vishav (which has multiple universe/ Jagat; which in turn has many superclusters/brahmaand; within which are many galaxies/ dweep; which in turn has many stars each with planetary and satellite moons system like our solar system/ sansaar ); 1) dependent on word; space; atom; time and 2) beyond Gunas as well as time (Guna-teet and KAALA-TEET). The following are KAALA-TEET 1) Vaikunth 2) Golok 3) badri ka ashram 3) Swet-dweep 4) Ksheer sagar 5) Siddha Shila

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