What does Hinduism say about romantic love between man and woman ? Is it some illusion(maya) or Is it divine ?

Even Vishnu , Shiva and Krishna have spouses and romance certainly exists between them.

But there is another factor that needs to be noted- Many homosexual people are also involved in romantic love indicating romance might have its roots in lust (kaam).
It indicates maybe romantic love has nothing to do with opposite sex.

  • Don't equate humans to god..their love is always divine and we cannot explain them...Ex- Shiva ji burnt Manmatha but at the same time loves Parvati ji nd Sati ji. So divine love does not have Kama.
    – LSSJ Broly
    Feb 10 at 15:51
  • @LSSJBroly True , this is why in human beings we can find many couples who were in romantic love break-up after sometime. But Vishu-Lakshmi , Radha-Krishna and Shiva-Parvati are eternal couples.
    – river
    Feb 10 at 22:06
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    – river
    Feb 11 at 2:49


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