Does Shiva wear a garland that has 11 skulls in it? Are these Skulls of Sati? And why are there 11 skulls, specifically?

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Actually, Bhagawan Shiva wears the garland of infinite uncountable Skull.

Sri Skanda Purana

The Devī said.:

  1. If you are the great Lord, the creator without beginning and end, the cause of creation and annihilation, how is it that a garland of skulls has been worn (by you)?

6-7. Thereupon, Śankara, the Lord of Devas, laughed and spoke these words.:

“This garland of mine that shines with many crores of skulls has been made out of skulls of thousands of Nārāyaṇas and ten thousand Brahmās. Therefore, it is devoid of beginning and end.

  1. A new Viṣṇu is born in every Kalpa. So also a new Brahmā. In every Kalpa, Viṣṇu and Prajāpati are created by me.

  2. In this form, O goddess, I am stationed at the root of Kālāgni Liṅga in Prabhāsa. I am adorned with the garland of skulls.

  3. I am quiescent without beginning, middle and end. I hold a rosary. I am seated in the lotus-posture. I am the bestower of boons. I resemble (in complexion) snow, a jasmine flower and the moon.

I hope this clarifies all your queries. Prd..

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