In Hindu life marriage is 'Sanskar' … RSS Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale.(PTI) What does Sankar means in this statement?

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    Samskara is a a purificatory rite. Marriage is one among the 16 Hindu Samskaras.
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Samskar means a religious sacrament that has its own import . It supposedly purifies the mind , and routes a person in the path of spritual progress.

The mere knowledge of the rules of Dharma, however does not make a man 'Dharmishta' i.e., a man acting always in conformity with Dharma. Therefore, Dharma has to be ingrained in the mind of every individual. Adi Shankara in his commentary on Vedanta Sutra has explained this process thus:-
संस्कारो हि नाम गुणाधानेन वा स्याद् दोषापनयनेन वा।
Samskara is a process by which good qualities are generated and bad qualities are removed in an individual.

It is highlighted by a promise which a bridegroom was required to make while undergoing the vivaha Samskara. While giving the girl in marriage, the father, addresses the bridegroom with the following words:
धर्मे चार्थे च कामे च नातिचरितव्या त्वयेयम्।।
You shall not transgress Dharma in the attainment of Artha and Kama. The bridegroom accepts the condition with these words:
I shall not transgress Dharma, in matters of Artha and Kama.
The promise taken indicates that the purpose of marriage was the fulfillment of Trivarga doctrine throughout the life of husband and wife. This aspect is brought out in the' Saptapadi ', (the ceremony of taking seven steps by the bride) at the end of which there is a declaration that they become life long friends.
अन्योन्यस्याव्यभिचारो भवेदामरणान्तिकः। एष धर्मः समासेन ज्ञेयः स्त्रीपुंसयोः परः।। संतुष्टो भार्यया भर्ता भर्त्रा भार्या तथैव च। यस्मिन्न्ौव कुले नित्यं कल्याणं तत्र वै ध्रुवम्।।(Manu Smriti 9.101,3.60)

Mutual friendship and fidelity is the highest Dharma to be observed by husband and wife, throughout their life.
The family in which husband and wife have mutual affection and respect always secures happiness and prosperity.

The observance of the above directive throughout life by the husband and the wife is not only conducive to happiness and harmony in family life, but also essential for national or social life.

Dharma The Global Ethic By M. Rama Jois (Former Chief Justice, Punjab & Haryana)

PS - Vivaha Samskara is a gateway to indulge in dharmik activities and attain punya , ( also in tradition, to clear off debts to Pitr, to perform yajnas ,and to support the members of other ashramas).

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