As I have understood, it is said in Ayurveda or our ancient scriptures to have minimum number of meals a day to stay healthy. ie, a person who eats one meal a day is called Yogi a person who eats two meals a day is called Bogi a person who eats three meals a day is called Rogi

Now let us say, we decide to have three meals a day. Then absolute 3 meals in a day and no extra munching in between meals. If we sit for a meal then we have to finish the meal completely (and no gaps in between the meal I assume).

I have also heard that fruits should not be had along with main meals - consisting of cereals, grains, vegetables etc. Having so would impair digestion process and causes health issue.

Having the above two conditions -

  1. Absolute 3 meals a day (no extra munching in between meals).
  2. No fruits along with main meal.

How do we accommodate fruits in our diet? What does Ayurveda or our ancient scriptures say about this?


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