"‘Krishna replied, “I have no doubt that you arrived earlier. O king! But I saw Partha Dhananjaya first. O Suyodhana! Since you arrived first and since I saw him first, I will help both of you. But it has been said that the younger one should have the first choice. Therefore, I will offer the first choice to Partha Dhananjaya. There is a large number of one hundred million cowherds, equal to me in strength. They are famous as Narayanas and all of them are warriors who have fought in battle. These warriors, who are unassailable, will be the soldiers on one side. I will not bear weapons and will not fight in the battle. I will be on the other side. O Partha! According to your preferences, choose either of these two first. It is dharma that you should have the right of choice first.”’

Didn't he defend Arjuna actively (against Karna's Nagastra, for example) ?

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    First of all, take your hate away for certain deity out of your mind when compiling question or answer.
    – TheLittleNaruto
    May 25 at 4:56
  • Yes Krishna did. No, it is not fighting. He did not use any weapon to kill anyone. By your logic, driving a chariot to evade a speed bump to get Arjuna closer to his enemies, so that Arjuna can kill them sooner, is also "fighting"... so Krishna should not even be a charioteer
    – mar
    May 28 at 13:47


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