I heard the below shloka from my friend. The below shloka is:-

ॐ बन्धूक कुसुमाभासां पञ्चमुण्डाधिवासिनीं। स्फुरच्चन्द्रकलारत्न मुकुटां मुण्डमालिनीं॥ त्रिनेत्रां रक्त वसनां पीनोन्नत घटस्तनीं। पुस्तकं चाक्षमालां च वरं चाभयकं क्रमात्॥ दधतीं संस्मरेन्नित्यमुत्तराम्नायमानितां।

My question is what is the meaning of this shloka?

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This is the dhyānamantra of Ḍāmarabhairavī as per Śrīvidyarṇava Tantra (who is worshipped as the presiding deity of the Navārṇa mantra by Bengali Hindus). It is translated as follows


Remember Her who is respected in Uttarāmnāya, whose complexion is (as red) as the bandhuka (Pentapetes phoenicea) flower, who is seated upon a Pañcamuṇḍa seat (an earthen platform built upon 5 skulls of specific characteristics used by purṇābhiṣikta sādhakas of Kālīkula for performing austerities), whose crown is illuminated by the gem in the form of the lunar digit, who wears a garland of human heads, who has 3 eyes, who wears red garments, whose uplifted breasts resemble pitchers, who holds in Her hands a book, a string of rosary & the mudrās of blessing & fearlessness.

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