Flags in scripture usually feature animals - Garuda for Vishnu, the bull for Siva, and so forth.

Are there any other monochrome flags like the Bhagwa flag mentioned in scripture?

  • great question. every flag i've heard of always has a symbolic animal or sign, in addition to a color. even kings in kali yug (not mentioned in scriptures) like chera/chola/pandya/maurya had some symbol, not just a plain color.
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There is at least one, though it's possible it's just because we have a lazy description that leaves out the details rather than giving an actual reflection of the flag.

O Uttara, yonder auspicious warrior whom you seest cased in coat of tiger-skin and stationed on his car furnished with a blue-flag and drawn by red steeds, is Kripa.


There might be more, though.

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    the puri jagannath flag has design elements youtube.com/watch?v=xsaOABHomHo
    – S K
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  • @SK - oh, I see. I'll remove that one.
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  • Kṛpācārya's flag has an animal emblem too. It's a bull (vṛṣa). This is stated in Droṇa Parva (105.15), numbering as per Gita Press. KMG's translation is here sacred-texts.com/hin/m07/m07101.htm The preceptor of the Pandavas, that Brahmana, given to ascetic penances, viz., Kripa the son of Gotama, had for his mark an excellent bovine bull. That high-souled one, O king, with that bovine bull, looked as resplendent, as the Destroyer of the three cities.
    – Bingming
    Commented Feb 23 at 3:02

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