I know Krishna Dvaipayana (present Veda Vyasa) wrote Puranas, Mahabharata and also Valmiki (24th Vyasa) wrote Ramayana.

Like this, I want to know about other scriptures created by other previous Vyasas.


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The list of Vyasas according to Sri Shiva Purana.;

Sri Shiva Purana 3.5.:

39. In the twenty-sixth aeon, when Parāśara, becomes Vyāsa I will be born as Sahiṣṇu after reaching the city Bhadravaṭa.

Sage Parashara became the author of Sri Vishnu Purana.

Sri Vishnu Purana: Book 1: Chapter 1.:

Paráśara replied, ... Then arrived Pulastya, the son of Brahmá, who was received by my grandfather with the customary marks of respect. The illustrious brother of Pulaha said to me; Since, in the violence of animosity, you have listened to the words of your progenitor, and have exercised clemency, therefore you shall become learned in every science: since you have forborne, even though incensed, to destroy my posterity, I will bestow upon you another boon, and, you shall become the author of a summary of the Puráńas; you shall know the true nature of the deities, as it really is; and, whether engaged in religious rites, or abstaining from their performance, your understanding, through my favour, shall be perfect, and exempt from doubts. Then my grandsire Vaśisht́ha added; Whatever has been said to thee by Pulastya, shall assuredly come to pass.

I hope this clarifies your queries.

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