The Azhwars are a group of 12 vaishnava saints from Tamizh Nadu, I want to know if there is any group of texts which covers the various aspects of their life. Has any traditional scholar before Shri Vedanta Deshika has written about them in Sanskrit, or is there translation of the tamizh works in English? I want to get a comprehensive picture of the Azhwars from the traditional viewpoint, thus modern day papers which try to date all of them in A.D. are less of the priority.

P.S : I don't know Tamizh

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    Jul 6 at 12:34
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    You can find it in Divyasuri Charitram by Garudavahana. There is a Sanskrit to Hindi version available. I don’t think it is before Vedanta Desikan but. There are two three more books but can’t place the name.
    – Adiyarkku
    Jul 6 at 15:14

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Yes, there are English translations of their works.

  • I am not looking for the translation of their works, rather I am looking for their life story like who they were, when did they take up the avatara etc Jul 6 at 10:41
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    There's a little bit about that starting from p. 11 of the first book I linked: archive.org/details/…
    – Lewis
    Jul 6 at 10:52
  • Thanks for the response Jul 6 at 10:59

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