Karṇapiśācinī sādhanā is a well-renowned practice within the occult circles. It is mostly used to obtain material benefits, most notably to obtain knowledge about the past, present & future of somebody. A blog describes the sādhanā procedure as follows

The sādhaka starts the practice on the seventh day of the dark fortnight. During the practice, he shall not take the name of Hari, recite a Vaidika mantra like gāyatri. He shall avoid visiting tīrthas and kṣhetras and speaking to people involved in such practices. The upavīta is removed and placed inside a banyan tree. Till siddhi is achieved, he shall not wash his hair, face, mouth or excretory and genital organs. Remembering devatās and pitṛs during the mantrajapa will act as a thunderbolt on the piśācinī and hence also on the upāsaka. If the upāsaka recites praṇava during the period of sādhanā, the japa done till that point shall go useless. The sādhaka shall begin the japa at midnight, after getting intoxicated with liquor completely. He shall offer fish [N.B Vṛhattantrasāra specifically prescribs burnt fish] bali to the piśācinī and commence japa in a place devoid of bilva and tulasi. Japa, when done with the mālā made of bones of a pregnant woman who died at child birth [called pheṭkāriṇī mālā] grants kṣiprasiddhi of the piśācinī.

Basically, it advises that in order to propitiate Karṇapiśācinī, one must abandon basic religious activities like sandhyāvandanā, worship & remembrance of devas, pitṛ-srāddha, ritual cleanliness & association with holy people. In this regard, this sādhanā appears similar to that of Mañjughoṣa (a bodhisattva propitiated for obtaining eloquent speech & vāksiddhi whose sādhanā as described in Vṛhattantrasāra also involved similar shunning of basic Hindu religious activities).

Although the blog which states this, appears to be run by genuinely knowledgeable people, however on principle it is unadvisable to follow blogs that don't quote from authentic sources.

Can anybody, especially @Rickross , provide quotations in Sanskrit from authentic sources, in support of the gory & dreadful nature of karṇapiśācinī as quoted above ?

  • Idts you can find quotations in scriptures on such esoteric sadhanas that are meant to be kept as a secret so that they do not fall into hands of wrong and evil people who wish to exploit the knowledge....Only accomplished tantriks have access to such knowledge. Commented Jul 18, 2023 at 6:37
  • KarṇapiśācinĪsādhanā is covered in Mantramahārṇava Uttarakhaṇḍa 3rd taraṅga archive.org/details/mantra-maharnava-khemraj-publishers/page/…. But the sādhanā stated in Mantramahārṇava seems different from what you quoted
    – Bingming
    Commented Jun 14 at 5:37
  • But although, I have shared this, I don’t recommend having dealings with any piśāca and yakṣiṇīs
    – Bingming
    Commented Jun 14 at 5:57


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