Is it true that people who keep dog as a pet goes to hell ?


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Whether people who keep dogs as pets go to hell, it is crucial to understand that Hinduism, like many other religions, encompasses a diverse range of beliefs and interpretations. There are no specific, universally accepted Sanskrit verses in Hindu scriptures that explicitly state that pet owners, including those who keep dogs, go to hell.

In Hinduism, the idea of heaven and hell is often associated with the concept of karma, where one's actions (good or bad) have consequences that determine their future experiences. However, interpretations of what actions lead to positive or negative consequences can vary.

Like any complex belief system, cannot be reduced to a singular viewpoint on this matter. Many Hindus view animals, including dogs, with love and respect, and they may keep pets as companions without any negative spiritual implications.

If you are exploring this topic for personal or scholarly reasons, I encourage you to engage with reputable sources, consult religious scholars, and consider the diverse perspectives within Hinduism to gain a comprehensive understanding of this complex subject.

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