Who is Vijayavalli, wife of the Sudarshana Chakra?

Does Sudarshana also have a human form?

Is Sudarshana Chakra equated to Brahman?

Ideally, I would like an answer from Canonical Sanskrit scriptures composed in Aryaavarta.

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Human form of sudarshanachakra described in naradapurANa ch.76 :

3. Listen O Narada to what I shall say for dispelling your doubts and as to how Kartavlrya has attained the status of one worthy of being served.

4. He was the incarnation of Sudarsana Cakra on the earth.

Consort of sudarshana as per naradapurANa ch.77 :

24. May the deity accompanied by Vijayasri (glory of conquest) protect my upper direction. He is the lord himself holding the thousand-spoked (discus). He is the person striking terror into all wicked ones.

brahma related epithets of sudarshanachakra as per naradapurANa ch.77 :

102-114. ...Brahmajneya (one who is comprehensive only to Brahma) Sanatana (the eternal one)...

Description in rAmAyaNa-yuddhakhanDa-ch93 :

शरीरनाभिसत्त्वार्चिः शरारं नेमिकार्मुकम् | ज्याघोषतलनिर्घोषन् तेजोबुद्धिगुणप्रभम् || ९३-६-२९ दिव्यास्त्रगुणपर्यन्तं निघ्नन्तन् युधि राक्षसान् | ददृशू रामचक्रन् तत्कालचक्रमिव प्रजाः || ९३-६-३०

The created beings saw that Rama in the form of a discus, which was killing the demons on the battle-field, like the "Wheel of Time", for its flame, the arrows for its spokes, his bow for the felly of the wheel, the twanging of the bow-string and the clanging of the gauntlet for the sound produced for its revolution, his energy and the virtues for its radiance and the power of his mystic missiles for its edge.

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    I think Vijayasri is probably Vijayalakshmi because the word "Sri" is another name for Lakshmi.
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Apart from that which is stated in the Nāradapurāṇa, Sudarśana cakra is separately worshipped in a personified form for seeking protection from enemies. Here is His dhyānamantra from the Śāradātilaka Tantra.

कल्पान्तार्कप्रकाशं त्रिभुवनमखिलं तेजसा पूरयन्तं । रक्ताक्षं पिङ्गकेशं रिपुकुलभयदं भीमदंष्ट्राट्टहासं ।। चक्रं शङ्खं गदाब्जे पृथुतरमुषलं चापपाशाङ्कुशान् स्वैः । बिभ्राणां दोर्भिराद्यं मनसि मुररिपुं भावयेच्चक्रसंज्ञम् ।।

Translation: I mentally contemplate upon that discus who is the enemy of Mura, who is filling the 3 cosmic realms with splendour emanating out of his brilliance which is comparable to that of the blazing sun destined to end the world at the end of a kalpa, who has red eyes, tawny hair, fear-inspiring teeth & a boisterous laughter that generates fear amongst the hoard of enemies, and who wields a discus, conchshell, mace, lotus, a thick pestle, bow (loaded with arrows according to the commentator Rāghavabhaṭṭa), noose & goad in his hands.


The description of the Human Form of Sudarshan Chakra.:

Sri Shiva Purana 5.1.:

Upamanyu said:—

  1. O Kṛṣṇa, great devotee of Śiva, listen to the glory of Śiva which I have witnessed myself. It is excellent story that enhances devotion to Śiva.

  2. While performing penance, I saw Śiva, his weapons, his followers and Viṣṇu and other gods.


28. I saw the discus Sudarśana in the shape of a human being with a thousand faces and two thousand hands. It was divine and lordly.

29. It had two thousand eyes of fiery brilliance, and one thousand legs. It shone like a crore suns. It was capable of burning the three worlds.

I hope this clarifies your queries.

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