I know that Chitragupta is Lord Yama's assisant and also worshipped in some places in South India. But, do any scriptures state that he is a deity?

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Yes Chitragupta is described as deity in scriptures:

सौम्ये गुरुर्बुधश्चैशे शुक्रः पूर्वदले शशी ॥१६७.००२ आग्नेये दक्षिणे भौमो मध्ये स्याद्भास्करस्तथा ।१६७.००३ शनिराप्येऽथ नैर्ऋत्ये राहुः केतुश्च वायवे ॥१६७.००३ ईशश्चोमा गुहो विष्णुर्ब्रह्मेन्द्रौ यमकालकौ ।१६७.००४ चित्रगुप्तश्चाधिदेवा अग्निरापः क्षितिर्हरिः ॥१६७.००४ (Agni Purana)

After having invoked planets in a circle at the north-east of the fire-pit with the sacred syllables, Jupiter (should be located) at the north, Mercury at the northeast, Venus at the east, Moon at the south-east, Mars at the south and the Sun in the middle. Saturn (should be located) at the west, Rāhu, the ascending node at the south-west and Ketu, the descending node at the north-west. Īśa (lord Shiva), Umā, Guha, Viṣṇu, Brahmā, Indra, Yama, Kālaka and Chitragupta are the presiding deities.

This chapter of Skanda Purana also describes misery befallen due to not worshipping Chitragupta:

During the Citrā constellation in the month of Caitra, O my beloved one, sweet drinks, jackfruīt and tasty plantains were not given by me to Vedic scholars. Similarly an umbrella, a walking stick, a beautiful pair of sandals, betel leaves, flowers, sandal-paste and unguents were not given by me to them for the propitiation of Citragupta. It is on account of the sin thereof that this misery has befallen me.


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