A blog says The aitareya brahmaNa mentions this.

What does "terrible parts" mean here?

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The blogger is probably referring to this section of Aitareya Brahmana:


(Prajapati's Illegal Intercourse with his Daughter, and the Consequences of it. The Origin of Bhutavan.)

The gods saw it (crying), "Prajapati commits an act never done (before)." (In order to avert the evil consequences of this incestuous act) the gods inquired for some one who might destroy the evil consequences (of it). Among themselves they did not find any one who might do that (atone for Prajapati's crime). They then put the most fearful bodies (for the gods have many bodies) of theirs in one. This aggregate of the most fearful bodies of the gods became a god, Bhutavan, by name. For he who knows this name only, is born. The gods said to him, "Prajapati has committed an act which he ought not to have committed. Pierce this (the incarnation of his evil deed)." So he did. He then said, "I will choose a boon from you." — They said, "Choose." He then chose as his boon sovereignty over cattle (32). That is the reason that his name is pasuman), i.e., having cattle. He who knows on this earth only this name (pasuman), becomes rich in cattle.

32: This appears to confirm Sayana's opinion that Rudra or Siva is here alluded to. For he is called pasupati, master of cattle.

Given the context, "fearful parts/bodies" of gods is probably a more accurate translation than "terrible parts".

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