In the answer to my question, I learned about the name 'Kalaka'. But, who is Kalaka?

I found some background behind Shiva, Parvati, and Bhairava's incarnations, Mahesha, Sarada and Vaitala in this chapter of Shiva Purana. Is there any other information about them in any scriptures?

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Kalaka is a powerful Gaṇa. (A gaṇa is a deity associated with Lords Shiva and Ganesha; they live at Kailasa.)

Shiva Purana 2.2.33 says:

  1. O sage, Kuṇḍī the most excellent of the Gaṇas and Parvataka went each with twelve crores in order to destroy Dakṣa’s sacrifice:

  2. Kāla, Kālaka and Mahākāla went to the sacrifice of Dakṣa with a hundred crores.

and 2.1.20 says:

15-16. Viṣṭambha and Candratāpana each with eight crores, the leader of Gaṇas Mahākeśa with a thousand crores.

  1. Kuṇḍin, Vāha and the auspicious Parvataka with twelve crores each, Kāla, Kālaka and Mahākāla each with a hundred crores.

  2. Agnika with a hundred crores, Abhimukha with a crore, Ādityamūrdhā and Dhanāvaha each with a crore.

  3. Sannāha and Kumuda with a hundred crores, Amogha, Kokila and Sumantraka each with a crore.

Your Shiva Purana story seems to be the only place where Mahesha, Sarada, and Vaitala are mentioned, though a line in the same Purana treats 'Mahesa' as another name for Shiva. Otherwise, these avatars are never again mentioned.

Obeisance to Thee, O lord, from whom the mobile and the immobile beings have originated. Obeisance to the great Puruṣa, Maheśa, the supreme Īśa and the great Ātman. [2.2.15]

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  • @Boovanaes - I couldn't find any authentic scriptural stories to answer that question. The wiki article about Harihara has one interesting story, but it is a 'legend,' not from the canon.
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