Is anything written about the lifespan of the kings who were Rama's ancestors (the Sūryavaṃśa / Ikṣvāku Dynasty) up until Bhagīratha?

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14 generations -

The son of Dilipa was Bhagiratha. The son of Bhagiratha was Kakustha whose son was Raghu from whom the royal line has since been named. The sons of Shri Raghu were known by the names of Pravriddha, Purushadaka, Kalmashapada and Soudasa. The son of Kalmashapada was Shankhana who rising to great power, by a curse, was destroyed wth his whole army. The mighty hero Sudarshana was the son of Shankhana and his son was Agnivarna and Agnivarna’s son was Shighraga. His son was named Meru, and Meru’s son was Prashusvara, and his son was the great Sage Ambarisha. The son of Ambarisha was the truthful Prince Nahusha, whose son was the virtuous Nabhaga. Nabhaga had two sons, Aja and Suvrata, and the son of Aja was the illustrious sovereign Dasaratha.


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