The Sudarshana Chakra is said to have a form somewhat:

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Like the Sudharshana Chakra, do any other weapons also have an anthropomorphic form? What, if any, scriptures mention this?

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vishnudharmottara purana ch 85 :

On the right should be the goddess Gada, in the shape of a woman with a thin middle, with beautiful eyes, adorned with all ornaments and lovely. The goddess should carry a chamara looking at the lord of the god of gods. The right hand of the god should be placed on her head.

Placed on the left side should be Chakra with a big belly, furnished with all ornaments, with eyes wide open (as) in dancing. He should carry a chamara and should be engaged at looking at the god. The left hand of the god should be placed on the head of that (chakra).

In place of gada, the pestle (should be represented) and in place of chakra, the plough. They should be endowed with the forms of men, furnished with beauty and with thin middle.

In place of the wheel should be the bow and in place of the club the arrow and the plough and spear should be shown similar to them (i.e. assuming human bodies).

In place of the wheel should be the sword. The personified shield should have the appearance of chakra personified (but) the sword is rendered as a man of high stature. Their beautiful real forms in the shape of weapons should be partially shown on the heads of chakra and others, oh descendant of Yadu.


Sri Vishnu has the Kaumodaki mace or gada as an ayudhapurush ( anthropomorphic weapon). The power in the mace which was female, (Gadadevi), denoted the power of Time, or intelligence, life force, discipline. The inner meaning is that to lead a life as enjoined by the divine scriptures gives greatest powers.

In Garuda Purana,Chapter 13, the Kaumodaki is mentioned in the Vishnu Panjaram

Take up thy club Kaumodaki, O lotus-navelled deity, salutation unto thee.


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