If someone has sun in the 9th house, should they chant Aditya Hridayam Stotra?

I met two astrologers and they gave opposite advice and I am confused.

One said - it will help the sun get powerful.

Another said - because your sun is weak and it's not in good house - chanting it will be make it strong in wrong house.

Which advice should I follow?

In hindi language.

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    Even if Sun is strong in your chart you will still get benefits by chanting the stotra .. it will make the Sun stronger so to speak
    – Rickross
    Sep 24, 2023 at 10:20
  • @Rickross are there such stotras for all grahas?
    – Rudra
    Sep 25, 2023 at 14:30
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    Yes thee are but difficult to find on net @Rudra But Navagraha stotras and Kavachams are easily available on net for all Grahas.
    – Rickross
    Sep 25, 2023 at 16:25

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This answer turned out long, so you can skip to the conclusion in bold, if needed.

If someone has sun in the 9th house, should they chant Aditya Hridayam Stotra?

This is like asking: "If someone has legs should he run a marathon"?

You're missing out- the Lagna, in particular. Which Raashi is Surya in?

Who has Drshti on him? Whose Dashaa is running? Whose Nakshatra is he in? Is he with someone else? And, which Raashi is he in, also matters, but that is covered by Lagna anyways.

I met two astrologers and they gave opposite advice and I am confused.

They both gave you the correct conclusion. Reciting it WILL embolden Surya. But, is it correct to do so? Is the question. If Surya owns 6th Bhaava or 12th Bhaava or 8th Bhaava or 3rd Bhaava or 11th Bhaava AND he's in the Raashi of Shanaischara or Raahu or has Drshti by them... then he is bound to do something bad.

You can understand it simply. Suppose you feed a person, he will get stronger right? Now, if you feed a bad person, he will also get stronger. But, clearly the second scenario is bad for you.

So, what should you do? Assuming that the second Jyotishi is correct, in relation to Drshti and Raashi in particular (the ability to see and Raashis are owned by Surya and 12 Aadityas) in relation to Surya, what you need to do is - either stop chanting it and/or chant a Shaanti Mantra/Strotra/Japa, instead.

If a bad guy is angry at you, what do you do? Do you feed him (or, his anger or capability)? Or do you calm him down?

Obviously, you do the latter.

A Stotra is not harmless, and it cannot be applied randomly. There's no panacea, especially as far as Navagrahas go. If you exalt a negative graha, you will suffer, and if you demote a positive one, you will also suffer.

Or at least, that would be the case if Aaditya Hrdaya was related to the Surya Graha.

Here's the Kshetra Chakra of Shri Raama based on Vaalmiki Raamaayana 1.18.8-11 Mostly accurate Kshetra Chakra of Surya Avataara - Shri Raama

The main thing to notice in relevance to Aaditya Hrdaya is the Lagna (Ascendant).

The Aaditya Hrdaya is for for Karka Lagna (and Raashi) individuals. Shri Raama had Karka Lagna with Chandra in Lagna, while Surya was in Uccha (exalted) position in Mesha (Aries) Raashi in 10th Bhaava (already in a great situation).

The 4th section of the body is the Hrdaya. Varuna rules Hrdaya, chandra, water etc.

Most people get this wrong, but believe it or not, the Aaditya Hrdaya is not for Surya at all, primarily. It is first and foremost for the Karka Raashi. Presumably, stotras like Aaditya jaanu or kroda or pada etc existed (for other Raashis) but since they weren't in the Raamaayana (as it wasn't applicable to Shri Raama), they haven't survived.

Raashis are ruled by Surya, Nakshatras are ruled by Chandra. Hopefully, you know this.

If you look at the meaning of the stotra, then you will figure this out pretty quickly. One factor is the name itself (hrdaya), naturally. Another factor is mention of Varuna (ApaamPati or similar names), 3 times at least (as opposed to Bhaga or Dhaataa or Vidhaata or Pushaa or Indra etc Aadityaas). And, most importantly, the first section itself:

ततो युद्धपरिश्रान्तं समरे चिन्तया स्थितम् । रावणं चाग्रतो दृष्ट्वा युद्धाय समुपस्थितम् ॥ १॥

Then, [mentally] exhausted from the war, he was situated in a state of worry...

Guess who worries?... Chandra. Surya cannot worry by nature, at all. Just as Ketu cannot think about positives or negatives of some materialistic pleasure, it's simply not in the nature.

This whole Stotram, is to support the Karka Raashi, which in turn is the Lagna, and contains Chandra (who happens to be the Lagna Naayaka,) so that Shri Raama gets out of his state of (mental) worry.

So, if your Karka Raashi is weak, then you should chant it. Trust me, 90% of it is completely unrelated to the Surya Graha, it's almost entirely related to the Raashi (of Karka).

This is not related to the question too much, but I will share some more 'secrets' about this Stotram:

पूजयस्वैनमेकाग्रो देवदेवं जगत्पतिम् । एतत् त्रिगुणितं जप्त्वा युद्धेषु विजयिष्यसि ॥ २६॥

'You should use this to worship, with a still and focused mind, the Deva of the Devas, the ruler of all creation, you should chant this three times and you will win in the war.

Why is it three times? It is 3 times specifically because Brhaspati (number 3, within vedic numer'ology') is in the Lagna. So, the Chandra is being supported via two fronts, by chanting it thrice. I won't go into more details.

आदित्यं प्रेक्ष्य जप्त्वा तु परं हर्षमवाप्तवान् । त्रिराचम्य शुचिर्भूत्वा धनुरादाय वीर्यवान् ॥ २९॥ "Gazing at the sun with devotion, he recited this hymn thrice and experienced bliss. Purifying Himself by sipping water thrice, He took up His bow with His mighty arms".

Again, who is water? Varuna.

If for some reason, it's not enough to convince you, then the biggest bomb is the fact that Agyasta Rshi (the one who is presenting this whole stotram)'s father is Varuna(and Mitra) himself.

To conclude:

Anyone CAN chant this. The effect is boosting of the Karka Raashi and has minimal relation to Surya, if you want to do something with Surya, then look for his things.

The reasons why you wouldn't chant it is if:

-The Karka Raashi has presence of a negative (depending on your Chakra) Graha in it (say, Raahu).

-The Karka Raashi is in a bad Bhaava (3,6,11 including 8,12 depending on chakra)

-You want to suppress the Karka Raashi's naayaka (Chandra)

-The Karka Raashi doesn't have presence of any Graha but has negative Drhsti from another.

In which cases, avoid this like the plague.

There's far far more nuance here and each person's Chakra is definitely unique and needs to be considered separately, but these general guidelines will keep you out of the vast majority of trouble that you may gain by chanting.

I'd like to point out that Surya and Aaditya are DIFFERENT, Surya is the Graha, as in the physical object, Aaditya is the Deva (or assimilation of 12 Devas) that rules the 12 Raashis. This is the Hrdaya (or fourth part/heart) of Aaditya, Surya DOES NOT have 12 Parts. The 12 parts of THE Aaditya manifest from Surya in the 12 months. Hopefully that is clear.

Ignoring the complexity of Surya Naaraayana, who is not the exactly the Graha, but is a Deva... (but not the 12 Aadityas either)

Also, in case you're wondering, the only reason the other Aadityas (and even unrelated entities like Pitrs) are mentioned is for the sake of receiving the power from Surya Naraaayana (who can half-correctly assumed to be an amalgamation of the 12). The Raashis are ruled by him altogether. So, different parts of him, are appealed to, going beyond just the 12 Aadityas. That's why the text, at one point mentions Brahmaa Vishnu and Shiva as being 'him'. That 'him' is Surya Naraayana. Beyond the 12 Aadityas and beyond the Graha, but also connected to them in a way.

Surya (or Chandra) being in Karka Raashi at the time of Raavana's death also plays a big factor, although I'm not aware of the exact dates during those times.

  • This is so true, was not sure why, but I could never listen or chant Aditya Hrdayam. Always face some unusual trouble on those days. Have stopped listening ever since I start seeing the pattern of troubles :(
    – bluejay05
    Apr 9 at 11:49

In my opinion, modern "hindu" astrology has included soo much non-sense crap from western astrology. So, better don't give a damn about it. Also if someone says bogus stuff like

because your sun is weak and it's not in good house - chanting it will be make it strong in wrong house.

then he is completely ignorant about our sanatana dharma. We are living thanks to the divine grace of Bhagawan surya(Aditya). He is the reason why birth, death and sustenance of life is happening on earth. So, of-course one should chant Aditya Hridayam regardless of raasi or nakshatra which they were born in.

Furthermore, look at what Bhagawan Agastya muni says to Sri Rama about Surya Bhagawan in Aditya Hridayam

sarvadevātmako hyeṣa tejasvī raśmibhāvanaḥ। eṣa devāsuragaṇā~llokān pāti gabhastibhiḥ॥7॥

English translation: “Indeed, He is the very embodiment of all Gods. He is self-luminous and a reflector of all the rays. He nourishes and energises the inhabitants of all the worlds as well as the host of Gods and demons by his rays.

eṣa brahmā ca viṣṇuśca śivaḥ skandaḥ prajāpatiḥ। mahendro dhanadaḥ kālo yamaḥ somo hyapāṃ patiḥ॥8॥ pitaro vasavaḥ sādhyā aśvinau maruto manuḥ। vāyurvahniḥ prajāḥ prāṇa ṛtukartā prabhākaraḥ॥9॥

English translation: “Indeed, he is Brahma (the creator), Viṣṇu (the protector), Śiva (the god of destruction), Skanda (son of Śiva), Prajāpati (the ten lords of beings), Indra (the ruler of gods), Kubera (the bestower of riches), Kāla (time), Yama (god of retribution), Soma (the moon god), Varuṇa (ruler of waters), the Pitṛs (ancestors), the eight Vasus, the twelve Sādhyas, the two Aśvinas (physicians of god), the forty nine Maruts (wind gods), Manu (progenitor of the human race), Vāyu (the wind god), the fire god, The created beings, the life breath (of all human beings), the maker of the seasons and the giver of light.

ādityaḥ savitā sūryaḥ khagaḥ pūṣā gabhastimān। suvarṇasadṛśo bhānurhiraṇyaretā divākaraḥ॥10॥ haridaśvaḥ sahasrārciḥ saptasaptirmarīcimān। timironmathanaḥ śambhustvaṣṭā mārtāṇḍakoṃ'śumān॥11॥ hiraṇyagarbhaḥ śiśirastapano bhāskaro raviḥ। agnigarbho'diteḥ putraḥ śaṅkhaḥ śiśiranāśanaḥ॥12॥ vyomanāthastamobhedī ṛgyajuḥsāmapāragaḥ। ghanavṛṣṭirapāṃ mitro vindhyavīthīplavaṅgamaḥ॥13॥ ātapī maṇḍalī mṛtyuḥ piṅgalaḥ sarvatāpanaḥ। kavirviśvo mahātejāḥ raktaḥ sarvabhavodbhavaḥ॥14॥ nakṣatragrahatārāṇāmadhipo viśvabhāvanaḥ। tejasāmapi tejasvī dvādaśātman namo'stu te॥15॥

English translation: “His names are - Āditya (an offspring of Aditi), Savitā (the progenitor of all), Sūrya (the sun god), Pūṣā (the procator of people), Gabhastimān (the nourisher with rain), the possessor of golden rays that are brilliant having the golden seed, Divākara (maker of the day); he has seven horses, Sahasrārci (thousand rayed), Marīcimān (full of rays), Timironmadhana (destroyer of darkness), Śambhu (giver of life), Mārtaṇḍa (who is infuser of life in the cosmic egg); Hiraṇyagarbha (who is a golden foetus), Ahaskara (who brings the day), Ravi (eulogised by all), Agnigarbha (pregnant with fire), the son of Aditi, Śiśiranāśana (the destroyer of frost); Vyomanātha (the lord of the sky), Tamobhedī (disperser of darkness), the master of Ṛgveda, Yajurveda and Sāmaveda, Ghanavṛṣṭi (sender of great rainfall), Apāṃ mitra (the friend of waters) and Vindhyavītīplavaṅgama (the one who swiftly crosses the sky); Ātapī (he is the radiator of heat) and Maṇḍalī (is adorned with a circle of rays), Mṛtyu (he is death himself), Piṅgala (tawny in colour), Sarvatāpa (giver of warmth), omniscient, endowed with extra ordinary splendour, and Sarvabhavaodbhava (the one who is affectionate); he is the controller of all the lunar bodies, planets and stars, creator of all and resplendent among the splendid, O god, Dwādaśātman (who appears in twelve forms), hail to you!

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