Rig Veda 10.62.3:

Ye raised the sun to heaven by everlasting law, and spread the broad earth, the mother out on every side . Fair wealth of progeny by yours agnirases. Welcome the son of Manu, ye are the most wise.

Yet other scriptural texts say that the Earth is a sphere. How can this be reconciled?

  • Could not locate the word or phrase in sanskrit meaning spread out in RV 10.062.003
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    conflict in sanskrit interpretations are common when comparing english translations of sanskrit. It is most predominant in english translations on the internet and interpretations are that not literal. Commented Oct 8, 2023 at 9:09
  • As in uruchi somapitaye , there uru means spread out (over the Earth), the hint of sugandhim pushtivardhanam.
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Spherical earth means which we see from sky which contains 7 oceans 7 continents etc, Flat earth means that we seeing everyday
Which is surrounded by oceans contains hills etc.


The Rig Veda states the Earth is vast and spread out. Rather than referring to geometry it likely represents the bigness and vastness of the Earth. A primitive village person may think is the size of his country or even state. This verse hence helps visualize the expansiveness of the earth truly. I believe that verse talks about the 4 cardinal directions as well which proves my point.


There's many interpretation of this verse for example.:

RV 10.62.3.:

“May the possession of posterity be yours, Aṅgirasas, who elevated by the (power) of sacrifice theSun in heaven, and made the maternal earth renowned; welcome, sages, the son of Manu.”

Anyways, even if we go by spread out, It doesn't become flat.

If we take a piece of rubber and stretch it in every direction it becomes round like a flat balloon after filling air get stretched in all 10 directions and becomes round.

Same with earth, it got expanded in every directions through impacts with gas, dust, asteroids, rocks, etc, under high gravity.

Now let's see, what rig veda actually tells about the shape of the earth.:

RV 1.33.8.:

चक्राणासः परीणहं पृथिव्या हिरण्येन मणिना शुम्भमानाः । न हिन्वानासस्तितिरुस्त इन्द्रं परि स्पशो अदधात्सूर्येण ॥

“Decorated with gold and jewels, they were spreading over the circuit (chakra) of the earth; but mighty as they were, they triumphed not over Indra; he dispersed them with the (rising) sun.”

Here, the earth is told as round as a chakra.


RV 10.89.4.:

इन्द्राय गिरो अनिशितसर्गा अपः प्रेरयं सगरस्य बुध्नात् । यो अक्षेणेव चक्रिया शचीभिर्विष्वक्तस्तम्भ पृथिवीमुत द्याम् ॥

“I will utter praises to Indra in unceasing flow, (I will send) waters from the depth of the firmament (tohim) who has fixed heaven and earth on both sides by his acts as the wheels of a chariot (are fixed) by the axle.”

It also says that the earth rotates on it's axis like a wheel of a chariot rotates on its axle.

Now, the spread out is nothing but the vastness of the earth.

RV 7.38.2.:

“Rise up Savitā; hear (our solicitations) upon the celebration of this ceremony, (you who are) diffusinglight over the spacious earth, and bestowing human enjoyment upon men.”

RV 1.65.5.:

“Agni is grateful as nourishment, vast as the earth, productive (of vegetable food), as a mountain, delightful as water; he is like a horse urged to a charge in battle and like flowing waters; who can arrest him?”

RV 6.70.1.:

Radiant Heaven and Earth, the asylum of created beings, you are spacious, manifold (multilayered), water-yielding, lovely, separately fixed by the functions of Varuṇa, undecaying, many-germed.”

RV 1.185.7.:

“I glorify with reverence, at this sacrifice, (the two), who are vast, expansive, multiform (multilayered), infinite, auspicious; who support (all beings) by their bounty; defend us, Heaven and Earth, from great danger.”


“Repeatedly invoking the liberality (of Tārkṣya), as (we do that) of Indra, let us mount upon it for ourwelfare as upon a ship; O heaven and earth, vast, expanded, manifold, profound, may we not suffer harm nowfrom (Tārkṣya's) coming to or departing from you.”

I hope this clarifies all your queries. Prd..

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